I just really want inexpensive fashionable clothing that is sized Jessica. 

I’m not that chubby people! Why is it so hard to be slightly over the average. by slightly, i’m genuinely one size to heavy for most clothing stores. 


Oh, a pear,
It turned Grey.
It was my favorite.
The perfect peach.
A soda pop,
Only a buck each. 

Oh, my heart,
It turned away. 
It was so hard,
A simple seam.
An education,
Only debt deem.

Oh, what faith,
It turned in May.
It was the summer set.
The greater seat.
A grey pear,
Only wait not to eat. 

Oh, that pear,
That turned so grey.
Favorites become dull.
Soft sand on the  beach. 
A soda pop,
Only a buck each.